Got Oysters?

We do. And they are simply the finest.

Fresh. Delicious.

Family owned & operated South Sound Mariculture prides itself on producing premier Northwest oysters including the Sea Nymph and the premier select, Phoenix.

The deep waters of Puget Sound's glacier-cut inlets create perfect growing conditions. Four times daily, riding the nutrient rich currents of Hammersley Inlet, our unique tumble bags roll with the tides, creating firm & full-flavored oysters.



Our oysters. Our world.

Meet the Hansen family – a pilot, a designer and three amazing children.

At high tide the otters, kingfishers & seals rest on our docks or chase the fish that take refuge in our harvest areas. At low tide the farms are revealed and the family gets to work.

Baby oysters are placed in mesh cylinders suspended above the beach. The cylinder is offset so that the tides allow a natural tumble. The daily spacial reset creates a deep cup and allows each oyster to feast on the algae that flows through.


Our Oysters. Your table.

We are proud to offer a variety of oysters as well as clams at South Sound Mariculture. Through a unique partnership, our shellfish are available through Hama Hama Oyster Co. and are featured in restaurants all over the world.

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